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Fine cuisine from Glencliff High School impresses celebrity chefs

Some of the best chefs in the nation, including Maxwell cafeteria manager Cindy Tinnel, have had dishes critiqued by celebrity chef and Chopped judge Maneet Chauhan. On April 23, three student chefs from Glencliff High School joined these ranks. LaSydnia P., Shayla S. and Johnathan Q. competed in the ProStart Cooking Competition. The challenge: create a healthy entrée that embodies contemporary American cuisine in 40 minutes with ingredients stocked in the school’s pantry and $30 to purchase whatever else they might need.

Chef Bob Waggoner, Executive Chef at Watermark Restaurant and Chef Joe DeGuira, Executive Chef at Lowe’s Vanderbilt joined Chef Chauhan on the judge’s panel. All three judges were impressed with the sophistication of each meal.

Chef Waggoner raved that LaSydnia’s salmon was cooked to perfection. The praise didn’t stop with LaSydnia. The panel was blown away with Shayla’s use of veal and quinoa.

After a nail-biting deliberation, Johnathan’s pork loin entrée was named the winner. Chef Chauhan applauded his use of spices and the sauce he learned to make with his mother.

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All three students left victorious. Both LaSydnia and Shayla received a  $2,000 scholarship to Sullivan University. Johnathan won a $6,000 scholarship to Sullivan University and a coveted set of Gunter Wilhelm Executive Series knives.