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Applaud your Teacher of the Year

UPDATE - April 30 What a night!

In a beautiful ceremony hosted and put together by our wonderful friends at Lipscomb University, we crowned our 2013 Teachers of the Year.

So who won??

(L-R) Carly Price, J.T. Moore Middle; Richard (Chad) Prather, Glencliff High; Kenisha Hawthorne, Shwab Elementary

(L-R) Marsha Dunn, A.Z. Kelley Elementary; Connie Gwinn, H.G. Hill Middle; Ron Woodard, Maplewood High

Congratulations to these winners and to all of our Teacher of the Year and to all of our wonderful teachers across the district.

SEE a complete list of 2013 Teachers of the Year

Previously: Raise the banners, sound the horns and put on your best Sunday dress. Our Teachers of the Year are here.

Next Monday we'll name district-wide Teachers and Principals of the Year in a wonderful banquet-slash-ceremony at Lipscomb University. Each school sends the cream of its teaching crop, chosen months ago by faculty and principals.

Until the big day arrives and we name our district winners, join us is saying a big fat "congratulations" and "thankyouverymuch" to our individual school winners.