STEM smarts on display

Big brains boasted about big ideas at Belmont on Saturday. What a great event! Students from Nashville and other high schools in Middle Tennessee brought their hard work together into impressive displays and demonstrations. Take a look.

We're proud of every student who participated. These projects represent months of work. Our award winners were:

Aegis Sciences Award of Excellence Emma Reynolds - Hillsboro - The Effects of Mouthwash on Spearmint Growth and Soil Composition

ASCE Award of Excellence Desiree S., Destinee S. and Shelby S. - Stratford - Water Quality Testing at Cooper Creek (ASCE Award of Excellence)

Vanderbilt School of Engineering Award of Excellence Logan A., Hallie C., Michael S. and Patrick W. - Stratford - Sparta Bot

TSU Award of Excellence Kalvin A., Carrie S. and Dana Z. - Antioch - Design Blueprint Concept

Volunteer State Award of Excellence Mason Freeman - Hillsboro - The Influences of Socio-Demographics on Recycling Behaviors in the Hillsboro Cluster

Texas Instruments Award of Excellence David Zhang - Kenwood High School (Clarksville) - ChemiCalc

Belmont Award of Excellence Vincent Z. and A'Mari S. - Pearl-Cohn - Lift Every Voice and Sing

Deloitte Award of Excellence Lucas C. and Samuel R. - MLK - Authentic Language Interpretation-Chinese Poem Appreciation Peach Blossom Spring

MTSU Award of Excellence Asha E., Akan E., Dheeraj N. and Christopher T. - MLK - An Analysis of Energy Consumption of Idle Computers in MNPS

MNPS Award of Excellence Dequentin H. and James T. - Whites Creek - Ethanol from Pumpkins


More than 100 Middle Tennessee high school students will convene in Nashville May 11 for the first regional STEM Expo, sponsored by the Middle Tennessee STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Innovation Hub, housed at Metro Nashville Public Schools. The Expo will be held at the Curb Center on the campus of Belmont University and will open to the public at noon with a recognition ceremony scheduled for 2 p.m.  Viewing of projects is from 3-4 p.m.

High schools from the 20 Middle Tennessee school districts that are part of the STEM Innovation Hub will participate. Expo projects represent one of five categories, including:

  • STEM Research: Science, mathematics, engineering, biotechnology or medicine/veterinary medicine
  • Engineering I: Mechanical, industrial, civil, aerospace or automotive
  • Engineering II: Environmental, biomedical, chemical or electrical
  • Technology: Computer programming, computer games programming, designing computer applications, or designing websites
  • Agricultural STEM: Farming and animal husbandry.

The STEM Expo is not a competition.  It is a showcase for the most outstanding projects created by individual students and student teams from participating schools and districts. Each entry will be scored and eligible for an award, with recognition levels of Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

“The quality of projects students have prepared is inspiring,” said Vicki Metzgar, director of the Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Network.  “The STEM Innovation Hub has encouraged students to develop projects in response to complex questions, problems or challenges, as a way to learn academic content and develop communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.  One of the primary benefits of Saturday’s Expo will be students coming together to learn and share with each other.”

Schools from the Middle Tennessee region are turning to STEM education to engage students in rigorous and relevant learning and to prepare them to make informed decisions about their careers and college aspirations.

To learn more about the Middle Tennessee STEM Innovation Network and the STEM Expo, visit

In addition to Metro Nashville Public Schools, the STEM Expo is sponsored by Aegis Sciences Corporation, Belmont University, Tennessee State University, Deloitte Services, Texas Instruments, the Vanderbilt School of Engineering, the American Society of Civil Engineers, MTSU’s Tennessee STEM Education Center, and Volunteer State Community College.