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Summertime Fun: Reading! (No, really.)

Summer time is here! The last day of school is this Friday, which is a half-day for everyone. We’re plenty excited for the end of the year – even though we’ll still be at work every day in Central Office – and want you to enjoy your summer. Thankfully, “enjoying summer” can also involve staying engaged in school and learning.

Don’t groan. It’s true. And can be fun.

What says summer more than enjoying a good book in the sunshine? Reading is a great way to keep young minds sharp and honed toward school during their summer downtime. That’s why our reading experts have put together HUGE lists of good summer reading books.

These aren’t required books. They’re “read them because you want to” books. There’s a big difference. We recommend that parents take an active interest in the selection of the books their child wants to read. Parents should encourage their children to read a variety of books, not just those by one author or subject. Children should be encouraged to read for pleasure as well as to extend the learning experience.

Each list is divided up by level – elementary, middle and high.  Next to each title is an appropriate grade level, based solely on the Lexile scale.

So crack a book and enjoy your summer!