Creating great teachers from the start by paying student teachers

Always looking at what's next in teaching and education, the iZone has three exciting new jobs to fill in three of its schools: Aspiring Teacher. From Public Impact:

Beginning in 2013–14, MNPS is creating a paid one-year “aspiring teacher” role targeting student teachers, available at three schools in the iZone.

The district has worked with local teacher preparation programs to develop the aspiring teacher role. In the United States, student teachers rarely get paid. In contrast, as district employees, these aspiring teachers will receive a salary and benefits, along with credit for being student teachers while they serve full-time in three Opportunity Culture schools under the district’s highest-performing educators. They also get first shots at full-time jobs at the end of their year.  The aspiring teachers’ $15,800 salary and benefits make it much more attractive than a standard unpaid student teacher position.

The response? In the three-week application window, the district received nearly 100 applications.

The schools taking part are Buena Vista Elementary, Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary and Bailey STEM Magnet Middle.

Learn more on the Public Impact website.