Mayor Dean learns the magic of making a Transition

Mayor Karl Dean and CBTPAnother day, another visit from Nashville's chief. Mayor Karl Dean came by the MNPS Transition Program today to see how the district helps its students with special needs move into adult life. More on the visit from the folks at Transition:

We were honored to welcome Mayor Karl Dean to our classroom today! Students had the opportunity to first meet Mayor Dean last month at the grand opening of the Korean Veterans Boulevard extension in downtown Nashville. After explaining the importance of the program to the mayor, he graciously accepted our invitation to tour our classroom at the Center Building.

Students had the opportunity to ask the mayor questions, such as “Where do you work?” and “What do you do as mayor?” One thoughtful student even asked the mayor for his thoughts on the recent Oklahoma City disaster. Students were sure to thank the mayor for taking the time and interest in visiting the classroom us. We are thankful for his ongoing commitment to including individuals with disabilities in Nashville’s workforce.

The special day was capped with a live performance of the CBTP classroom song, “We Are Working Hard”, which students recently wrote and recorded. The students even decided to give Mayor Dean an autographed CD as a gift!

Thanks again to Mayor Dean and everyone who made this day possible, including Ms. Wendy Tucker, the mayor’s education advisor. Channel 4 News will be airing a segment on this visit on either the 4pm or 6:30 pm news this evening (May 22nd).

Transition offers a range of services to Exceptional Education students, including life skills and even job training. This inspirational video explains it all better than words ever could:


From the Transition website:

A new school. A new home. A new job. These changes can be exciting but also may present feelings of nervousness, frustration, and even fear. Transitions can be daunting. Life’s transitions can be even more difficult for individuals with disabilities, especially students preparing to complete their education and moving on to adult life.


Successful transition planning benefits from collaboration among all stakeholders, including the student, family, potential employers, community members, service providers, and the school system.  By providing students with exceptional education services from elementary school to age 22, MNPS is an important part of this process.