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Summertime Fun: Camp!

Summer time is here! The last day of school is this Friday, which is a half-day for everyone. We’re plenty excited for the end of the year – even though we’ll still be at work every day in Central Office – and want you to enjoy your summer. Thankfully, “enjoying summer” can also involve staying engaged in school and learning.

Don’t groan. It’s true. And can be fun.

CAMP! It’s one word that can change the entire course of your summer break. Lucky for you and your child, there are a number of camps offered by Metro Schools and by our community partners. They not only fit a variety of needs and tastes, many of them will keep kids in the school frame of mind.

And guess what? It’s not too late to sign up for many of them. (The following is not a complete list. If you’re looking for more, check with camp organizers to see if you can still register.)

Currently still accepting applications:

There are many more camps listed on our website. Can’t find what you want? Ask your friends. Search the Internet. Make some phone calls. There’s a little something for everyone in Nashville. We just have a small taste listed online.

Want more? How about the HUGE number of activities from our good friends at Metro Parks?

Enjoy your summer!