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Expanded leadership roles will strengthen arts education

Dr. Nola Jones After a stellar school year for visual and performing arts in Metro Schools, we’re proud to announce expanded leadership roles for the educators who made it happen. With Laurie Schell and Dr. Nola Jones at the helm of all arts education, the arts will remain strongly supported and integrated across curricula.

Dr. Nola Jones is our new coordinator for visual and performing arts. Previously the coordinator of music, Dr. Jones will take on an expanded role working in close collaboration with principals, assistant principals and arts teachers in promoting the teaching and learning goals for dance, music, theatre and visual arts. She will provide on-going support and resources for teachers as a troubleshooter, coach and advisor for everyday instruction.

Laurie Schell

Laurie Schell will continue her role as the director of Music Makes Us, which is a public-private partnership between Metro Schools, the Mayor’s Office, the Music City Music Council and music industry leaders in Nashville. Her primary responsibility remains the advancement of Music Makes Us, as well as oversight for the Visual and Performing Arts Department. She will manage the administration and direction of arts education in Metro Schools, working closely with educators across the district to align the arts with district teaching and learning goals.

“Dr. Jones and Ms. Schell have been invaluable in leading music education,” said Chief Academic Officer Jay Steele. “I know they will bring the same passion and expertise to all of the arts.”

Both Schell and Jones came to Metro Schools in 2012, helping lead the transformation of music education that came with the Music Makes Us initiative. Their experience in teaching the arts will ensure they remain a central part of every child’s education in Metro Schools.