Metro Schools assistant principals plan for great leadership

PLAN logoHow do you ensure the highest quality of instruction and culture in schools? It starts at the head of the table: the principal. Effective and experienced principals make a profound difference in students’ lives. We want to help develop strong leaders all over the city, which is why we have the Principals' Leadership Academy Nashville (PLAN) in collaboration with Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College.

PLAN has been supporting and developing leadership potential in Nashville teachers since 2001. This year’s class is made up entirely of assistant principals.

Welcome the 2013-14 PLAN cohort:

  • Erin Anderson - Overton High School
  • Shatrina Cathey - McGavock High School
  • Riki Gibbs - Hickman Elementary School
  • Mirian Harrington - Hunters Lane High School
  • Allyson Johnson  - Gower Elementary School
  • Celia Jolly - Stratford High School
  • Laura Lee Morin - McGavock High School
  • Tammy Parsons - Bailey Middle School
  • Chuck Pirtle - Haynes Middle School
  • Mark Pittman - Glencliff High School
  • James Reese - Cane Ridge High School
  • Bryan Seay - Jere Baxter Middle School
  • Kisha Stinson-Cox - Margaret Allen Middle School
  • Ron Wooding - J.E. Moss Elementary School
  • Linda Mann - Chadwell Elementary School
  • John Mann - Cane Ridge Elementary School
  • Chris Holmes - Tusculum Elementary School
  • Treva Hereford - Cane Ridge High School

These 18 leaders got started last month with a week of sessions. They’ll continue to meet and work together through April.

Here’s a bit more about PLAN and its mission:

PLAN is anchored in the premise that principals profoundly impact the quality of education and culture of a school. It also acknowledges the importance of peer support and input in a principal's ongoing success. Participants are nominated by the district

Telephone and on-line coaching are a PLAN staple and instrumental in keeping participants on track. Along the way, Peabody faculty challenge participants with new ways of addressing familiar problems. PLAN participants learn techniques for merging student and organizational data to achieve a clear picture of a school's performance. This information is used to bring about strategic change in their respective schools.

Visit the PLAN website to learn even more.