Is my fifth grader ready for middle school?

#MNPSDay1 Header It’s a major milestone in every person’s life. The four years of middle school (grades 5-8) mark major transitions, not just in school, but also in students’ lives and bodies.

So we work to make the transition into fifth grade as smooth as possible. We introduce students to middle school in a way where they are nurtured and supported. Fifth graders are general housed within a small learning community in a specific area of the school, with limited interaction with older grades. They don’t generally move around from classroom to classroom very much. They are self-contained within the building.

By keeping students in the same building for four years as opposed to two (as we did in the past, separating grades 5-6 and 7-8), we’re able to nurture one of the most important parts of middle school: relationships Teachers and school staff can develop better relationships with parents, teachers can develop better and deeper relationships with students, and students can form strong bonds with one another.

There are social changes to work with. Middle schools bring together many new students from different elementary schools into a single fifth grade. That means meeting new people and interacting with new groups.

But honestly, parents usually have the most difficult time with the transition to middle school. It’s unfamiliar territory for you both, but the chance to meet new people, learn new subjects and grow into a new school is an exciting time for students, particularly when they are supported by their families and school staff.

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