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North Sports Report - August 7, 2013

by Mark North, president of The Fans, Inc Here's to the Good Ones

There is so much good and so many good students, and we often bemoan the excessive media attention when something goes wrong.  It’s not just with local news or when talking about teenagers and schools. The national sports news has been dominated by reports of misdeeds, poor judgment, and the scandalous acts of a few.  The good might receive a brief mention while stories of the bad linger for months.

Of course, they report the titillating and scandalous because … well, because it’s titillating and scandalous.  It’s time to take back the discussion – time for each of us to make a conscious effort to notice the good around us and tell everyone about it.

Caleb Sanders was a fine student-athlete in high school – a member of Hume-Fogg’s Wrestling team and Hillwood’s Football team. He graduated from Hume-Fogg in 2006 and earned his way into the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis (an accomplishment that cannot be overstated) where he served as Company Commander in charge of 127 fellow midshipmen.  Upon graduating from the Naval Academy, Caleb was assigned as a Surface Warfare Officer on the Navy frigate USS Kauffman, but a brain cancer diagnosis interrupted his assignment and eventually did what such diagnoses are prone to do.  On June 5th of this year, Caleb, in uniform but unable to stand and displaying the courage and honor that marked his life, received his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.  At his memorial service this week – an uplifting, inspiring, and altogether fitting celebration of a great man and a life well-lived – friends and family gathered to comfort each other and honor Caleb sans spotlight or media attention.

We wish comfort and strength for Caleb’s family and friends, and may we all resolve to notice, recognize and honor the good ones more often and more fervently.

Football Jamboree – A Tradition Like No Other

It’s that time of the year!  The 45th Annual Metro Nashville High School Jamboree is a three night Footballapalooza!  Clear your schedule, attend all three nights, and catch your first glimpse of this year’s teams:

  • Thursday, August 15 – 7:00pm at Pearl-Cohn High School Schools participating:

    • Hillwood Hilltoppers;
    • Hunters Lane Warriors; and
    • Pearl-Cohn Firebirds
  • Friday, August 16 – 6:00pm at Overton High School Schools participating:

    • Glencliff Colts;
    • Hillsboro Burros;
    • Maplewood Panthers;
    • Overton Bobcats; and
    • Stratford Spartans
  • Saturday, August 17 – 6:00pm at McGavock High School Schools participating:

    • Antioch Bears;
    • Cane Ridge Ravens;
    • DCA;
    • East Nashville Eagles;
    • McGavock Raiders; and
    • Whites Creek Cobras


MNPS: The First Choice for the Good Ones