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North Sports Report - September 5, 2013

by Mark North, president of The Fans, Inc

Week in Review

The North Sports Report enjoyed the camaraderie, spirit and excitement of diverse athletic competitions this week.

Cross-Country at Shelby Park – Student-athletes of all skill levels participate at the same time, racing the clock and challenging their own individual best. Male and female athletes race at the same time, and everyone cheers on the runners as they pass whether teammates or opponents. The races include top flight state contenders, athletes who specialize in other sports running as off-season training, students who enjoy running, students hoping to improve their own fitness level …all of whom are part of the team, representing their school and accomplishing their goal. It is the great participatory high school sport and surprisingly fan-friendly.


Golf at Shelby Park – Waiting at the first tee for the start of the round, the golfers and their coaches are gathered in separate huddles. The coaches in one huddle behind the tee, and the players in another each discuss whatever it is that coaches discuss with each other and high school student-athletes talk about with each other at the gate ready to compete. There is no more friendly a competition than high school golf. Student-athletes learning a sport they can enjoy forever. How much business is conducted on a golf course? It is the sport with lifelong benefits.


High School Soccer – Few things compare to the tension of a close, down to the wire high school soccer game. This week, the NSR witnessed the grit, determination, teamwork, power, and grace of extraordinary athletes when attending Hume-Fogg’s shutout victory over the defending state champion. The boisterous, supportive cheering of students and the nail-biting hand-wringing friends and family in the stands, contrasted by the calm and poise of the student-athletes during the tense 1-0 game concluded with audible sighs of relief as the official signaled the end of the game. It is a spectacular spectator extravaganza!

Middle School Soccer – The NSR attended a middle school soccer game at Rose Park where the teams played on a college field with scenic views of the downtown skyline in one direction and Music Row in the other direction. Middle school athletics provide healthy, structured after-school activity and promotes teamwork and discipline. Most of all, it is loads of fun!

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Football – High school football is the quintessential community gathering. Old friends, alumni, community members, students, parents, concessions stand volunteers all gathered at Glencliff Friday night as the NSR enjoyed the festive atmosphere of high school football. I particularly enjoyed eavesdropping on the conversation among longtime TSSAA football official Ronnie Perkins, legendary Glencliff and East coach Jim Wilson, and Glencliff Principal Clint Wilson. Looking to visit with civic-minded/education supporting VIP’s, go to a high school football game this week.


Game of the Week

The NSR will be at historic Buster Boguskie Field on the campus of Stratford High School this Friday as the Stratford Spartans host the Pearl-Cohn Firebirds. The Spartans are coming off an impressive and victorious trip to Chattanooga last Friday and the Firebirds are looking to extend their winning ways.

In other action:

  • McGavock Raiders travel to Glencliff Colts;
  • Hunters Lane Warriors host the very impressive Overton Bobcats;
  • Whites Creek Cobras travel to TPS field to play the high-flying East Nashville Eagles;
  • The hills are alive with the sound of football as Hillsboro Burros play host to Hillwood Hilltoppers;
  • Antioch Bears will be at home against Station Camp; and
  • Maplewood Panthers travel to David Lipscomb.
  • Cane Ridge Ravens have the night off.

The MNPS home games are at Stratford, at Glencliff, at East Nashville (played at TPS); at Hillsboro, at Hunters Lane, and at Antioch. Go to a game!


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