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2013 is a banner year for IB at Hillsboro High School

UPDATE (Sept. 10, 2013): Hillsboro has yet another reason to be proud of its IB program. Teacher Emily Minelli is the school's newest IB examiner! Emily is the third member of the Hillsboro faculty to earn the international examiner designation. She will assess work in IB French ab initio, which is a French language course designed for students just starting out in French studies.

The examiner honor is only given after a stringent application and review period, with the final decision coming from IB world headquarters in The Hague.

Congratulations to Emily and to Hillsboro! The work of these three examiners will advance the progress of IB at Hillsboro High School.

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Never a school comfortable resting on its laurels, Hillsboro High School has even more momentous news from its International Baccalaureate program. Thirty graduating seniors earned full IB diplomas in 2013, a record number for the school. These students completed the rigorous course work, core requirements and examinations of the IB diploma, which is no easy feat.

Metro Schools’ other IB high school, Hunters Lane, graduated three students with full IB diplomas. Many more students at both schools earned IB certificates for individual courses, even if they did not complete the very demanding requirements for a full diploma.

“I’m so proud of my students here at Hillsboro,” said Dr. Terry Shrader, principal. “They’ve really embraced IB and proven that they’re willing to do the hard work needed to earn a diploma. Our faculty and students work closely together through all four years of high school, and this is the result.”

“This is impressive, indeed,” said Dr. Sharon Chaney, director of advanced academics and talent development. “We’re already planning for next year. Our faculty is analyzing the results for insights about how to further strengthen the program district-wide.”

Antioch High School is the latest Metro high school to enter the IB arena. Antioch has been accepted as a candidate for IB, a very important step toward authorization and eventual implementation of the rigorous, internationally recognized program.

In other Hillsboro IB news, math teacher Holly Zaher will join the team of international educators tasked with assessing the work of more than 100,000 IB students every year. The examiner honor is only given after a stringent application and review period, with the final decision coming from IB world headquarters in The Hague.

Zaher will be responsible for assessing work in mathematics and Theory of Knowledge. She has worked with young people for nearly 20 years, in school and non-profit settings. She holds degrees in mathematics and education, as well as a master’s of divinity.

Zaher isn’t alone in this distinction in Nashville, or even at Hillsboro. It was just two weeks ago that Hillsboro High School announced another math teacher, Shelly Wilkinson, was named an IB examiner – the first in Metro Schools. Now with two examiners in-house, and a record number of diplomas, Hillsboro’s profile continues to rise on the international education scene.

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