Crieve Hall students learn to cook at the Governor's house

Eating good at the Governor's house! 60 third graders from Crieve Hall Elementary went to the Tennessee Residence earlier this week to learn about healthy eating and help First Lady Crissy Haslam break in the mansion's new kitchen and garden.

Students joined Mrs. Haslam in the garden to read the September Read20 Book of the Month, Janet Steven’s Tops and Bottoms, a folktale about gardening and vegetables. Following the reading, students participated in 3 activity stations to kick off planting in the garden: a guided tour of the Tennessee Residence, a farm-to-table cooking lesson with Residence Chef Stephen Ward, and a garden station to plant the first vegetables in the new garden.“We broke ground on the Kitchen and Cutting garden in May, and it is exciting to begin planting fruits and vegetables to serve in the food we prepare at Tennessee’s home,” said Mrs. Haslam. “It is a special treat to kick off planting with Tennessee students.”

Take a look at these great pictures:

And read the full story on the First Lady's website.