The 2014 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists are...

UPDATE: We now have nine semifinalists for the National Achievement Scholarship!

  • Natan D. - Hume-Fogg
  • Phoebe M. - Hume-Fogg
  • Madison O. - Hume-Fogg
  • Deshawne T - Hume-Fogg
  • Samuel C. - MLK
  • Kyle M. - MLK
  • Oge O. - MLK
  • Brennan S. - MLK
  • Regina T. - MLK

About the National Achievement Scholarship:

The National Achievement Scholarship Program, conducted by NMSC, is a privately financed academic competition that operates without government assistance. It was initiated in 1964 to recognize academically promising black students throughout the nation and to provide scholarships to a substantial number of the most outstanding program participants. To date, approximately 32,700 young men and women have received Achievement Scholarship awards worth about $103 million.

More than 160,000 high school juniors from all parts of the United States requested consideration in the 2014 National Achievement Scholarship Program when they took the 2012 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®). Semifinalists are designated within geographic regions and are the highest-scoring program entrants in the states that make up each region.

Previously: The latest list is in, and Metro Schools have 17 National Merit Scholarship semifinalists!


  • Nathan D.
  • Brianna F.
  • Qiaozhi G.
  • Coleridge H.
  • Chandler H.
  • Owen L.
  • Sarah O.
  • Elizabeth S.
  • Ivan V.
  • Tian Z.

Martin Luther King, Jr.:

  • Zheer A.
  • Jerrod A.
  • Samihah I.
  • Janie L.
  • Shu Z.


  • Alexandra C.


  • Benjamin D.

This is a major achievement, with these students competing against 1.5 million students across the country for a few coveted spots.

The National Merit Scholarship is given only to students who take the Preliminary SAT in high school, which is not required of Metro students. Scores on the PSAT are the determining factor in who is selected and who is not.

These students now have the chance to continue in the competition for 8,000 National Merit Scholarships to be awarded in the spring. Nice work!