$15,000 in grants for Metro high schools

It turns out giving tours of our high schools isn't just fun for visitors. They're also good business for students. Each year we host hundreds of people who want to come see how the Academies of Nashville work, and they all pay for the privilege. The money they gave last year is helping fund grants given to student programs this year.

The Starr Awards, as they're called, were given out last week. Eight high schools earned thousands of dollars in awards that will go directly to student projects through the Academies.

Overton - Four grants totaling $4,058

  • Oracle Java Certification - $1,494
  • Life Aid Medical & Heart Rhythm - $819
  • Trip to LP Plant in Alabama - $1,245
  • Medical Terminology Tutoring - $500

Glencliff - Two grants totaling $2,850

  • ACT Boot Camp - $1,350
  • Stampede School Store - $1,500

Pearl-Cohn - Two grants totaling $2,525

  • Music Festival - $1,125
  • Hotter Than Fire - $1,400

Cane Ridge - One grant totaling $1,500

  • Project Diabetes Health Fair

Hillsboro - One grant totaling $1,500

  • Science Burr-O-l-ympics

McGavock - Two grants totaling $1,400

  • DDC Senior Showcase - $1,000
  • Last Dollar Coalition - $400

Antioch - One grant totaling $825

  • The Hermitage Project

Hillwood - One grant totaling $773.85

  • Gallery Revitalization

Each year we host three or four Academy tours put together by Alignment Nashville and the Nashville Ford Next Generation Learning Hub. To learn more about joining one of these tours, contact Alignment.