Hip-hop & Hot Peppers: Overton students show rich cultural diversity for NPT

We pride ourselves in the international flavor our schools offer. With students from more than 100 different countries speaking more than 100 different languages, there is plenty of world-wide diversity to be found. These students remain fiercely proud of their heritage while also adjusting to life in Nashville. It's great to see them telling their own stories of their own cultures. During intersession, Overton students worked with NPT producers to write, shoot and edit their own "Storytellers" segments for the "Next Door Neighbors" series.

The videos are excellent documents of their own pride and struggles in blending their new homes with their old. They are touching, funny and always interesting. Oh, and they're plenty of Burmese cooking.

My favorite of the dishes presented: Karen Pepper Dish.


Click over to the Storytellers website for all six videos, including a look at hip-hop dancing, bullying and what it means for one family to leave their home behind.

BIG BIG thanks to the NPT team for coming out to Overton for this one-of-a-kind experience.