School Choice Spotlight: DuPont Hadley Middle School

Middle school students need to be challenged... but nurtured. They need to feel like they belong in school... but also free to be individuals. They need to focus on strong academics... and have the chance to explore the world outside the classroom. That's a tough order to fill. DuPont Hadley Middle does it every day.

DuPont Hadley is the beautiful school by the lake. It has decades of history in Old Hickory (the old DuPont High School gym is still standing out front), and parents will be quick to tell you that it's one of the best kept secrets in Nashville.

The DuPont Hadley Alumni Center is filled with decades of Nashville history.

To meet every students' academic needs, DuPont Hadley offers academic intervention every day, AVID and high school credit courses. Students take Spanish in all four grades (5-8) and practice their lessons on one of twelve netbook carts. 

For the world outside of class, they can choose from clubs, ten different sports and a strong band program. There's a robust PTO, and principal Kevin Armstrong holds regular in-school events for parents in the evenings.

Did I mention that it looks like a spaceship when viewed from above? I should have mentioned that.

DuPont Hadley as seen from the final frontier.

Climb aboard the DuPont Hadley spaceship. Go visit and see why it's such a beloved neighborhood school.

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