School Choice Spotlight: McGavock High School

It's one of Tennessee's largest schools and also one of its greatest success stories. McGavock High School has undergone a remarkable transformation in just the last few years. It has four Academies, all named national models, giving students experiences in finance, design, aviation, health sciences, law enforcement and more. The Academies are packed with opportunities hands-on experiences like:

  • A real working bank branch
  • Aviation lab with a Cessna, helicopter, hovercraft, and NASA 3D printer
  • Flight simulator
  • Planetarium
  • Television studio
  • Mac lab for digital design and video production
  • Full restaurant
  • Mock crime scenes

For advanced learners, McGavock now offers the new Cambridge program, which is a rigorous curriculum comparable to International Baccalaureate. (Yes, that's Cambridge as in the University of Cambridge.)

McGavock also has one of the top band programs in the country, powerhouse sports teams and the strong support of a very dedicated community.

You know what? This video says it all.


Handy timestamp guide:

  • 2:07 - Academy of Aviation & Transportation
  • 3:00 - Gaylord Entertainment Academy of Hospitality & U.S. Community Credit Union Academy of Business & Finance
  • 4:04 - CMT Academy of Digital Design & Communication & Center for Fine Arts
  • 4:40 - Academy of Health Science & Law

You can tour McGavock anytime. Call 885-8850 to schedule an appointment.

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