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School Choice Spotlight: Maplewood High School

PantherTalk about a school on a journey. Maplewood High School is on the rise. In 2013, Maplewood saw:

  • Graduation rate rise six percentage points
  • Scholarship dollars up 230% to $2.2 million
  • Move from "target" to "satisfactory" status under the district's grading system (the Academic Performance Framework)

It's thanks to hard work by the students and tireless efforts from the transformational educators who have adopted a "no excuses" and "whatever it takes" attitude to school improvement.

To quote Dean of Students and Graduation Advisor Ryan Jackson, "Maplewood is in the midst of one of the biggest urban school turnarounds in public education history. The adage 'from worst to first' comes to mind in terms of our perpetual pursuit towards excellence."

As part of that process, principal Dr. Ron L. Woodard has been celebrating successes, both big and small. The students, faculty and staff needed a bonafide "We're on our Way!" pat-on-the back for all of their hard-work, determination and commitment to excellence.

That's where this celebration assembly comes in. Board of Education rep Jill Speering joined distinguished Maplewood alumni to congratulate the students on all their hard work.


And how do you celebrate such glorious accomplishments? How about with 370lbs of beef?


Backyard Burgers VP of Operations Mike Kern and his crew served-up more than 1,100 burgers to students last Friday.

Celebrations are fun (and tasty), but the ultimate goal is college. And Maplewood is no slouch in the pursuit of college. Take a look inside Maplewood's College Zone:


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