School Choice Spotlight: Middle College High School

What if I told you there was a Metro high school embedded in a college campus where students take high school and college classes simultaneously? Or where they can earn college certificates and even associate's degrees before they ever graduate from high school? Meet Middle College.

Nestled inside Nashville State Community College, Middle College is an optional high school for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. They must show great potential for academic success and the responsibility for taking ownership of their education.

A handful of high school teachers handle the core classes, and students can choose from the large catalogue of courses available at NSCC through dual enrollment. Those college credits will transfer to another two- or four-year college after graduation.

Middle College High School provides endless opportunities for students to begin their college careers. With dedicated and committed faculty members' expectations of great success from everyone, Middle College High has the potential to grow into one of the most successful institutions in recent years in the Metro Nashville Public School System.

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