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Meigs Middle Magnet sends 42 musicians to All Mid-State

Congratulations to the FORTY-TWO Meigs Academic Magnet Band students who were selected via audition to the 2014 All Mid-State Concert and Jazz Bands last Saturday. For the third year in a row, Meigs has sent more students to the regional Honor Bands than any other school in Middle Tennessee! Students selected into the two ensembles will attend the annual three-day clinic and perform January 9-11 on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University. Students selected as alternates could be called up at any time to take a spot.

This was an invaluable learning experience, even for the students who were not selected - because it wasn't just about the music. Teachers used this year’s audition process as a way to integrate project-based learning into the band program.

"It was really gratifying to discuss the audition day with the students this morning - especially the seventh grade - and see so many light bulbs coming on as to why it is we work on the skill sets we do so rigorously," said Director of Bands Franklin Norris.

We know there are many others across the district who auditioned for and made it into the All Mid-State ensembles. Did your students make it? Tell us in the comments.

Congratulations to all Metro band students for their improvement and success this semester!