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Why did you choose your Metro school? Maplewood Cluster

Families who visited schools during our Optional Schools Application period could enter to win one of twelve new iPads – one for each cluster – paid for with donations to the First Choice Festival. Our winners each told us why they chose their schools and what impressed them most about their visits.

Tell us why you chose your school. We may feature you in an upcoming post.

Callie Guenther (1)

Callie Guenther, Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elementary School

“My husband and I are looking to buy a house in the East Nashville area. We wanted to have a home and school that is fitting for our family. We wanted to be proactive in finding a school that fits our daughter’s learning style. Hattie Cotton was it. With the school being a STEM magnet, my daughter is hands-on and science would be fitting for her. When touring we encountered an active mother who has witnessed the growth of the elementary school. She spoke highly of it and encouraged my decision of Hattie Cotton.”