COUNTDOWN: The Most Popular News of 2013, Part 2

Read Part 1 of the Most Popular Stories of 2013

Metro Schools made a lot of headlines in 2013, but the best stories were always right here on Children First.

To close out the year, we want to celebrate our ten most popular stories. They tell us what you were most interested in reading about this year and represent really diverse topics - from higher student achievement to scholarships, and from the First Lady to celebrating our greatest teachers.

We brought you the first half of our list last Friday, and now here is the second half, numbers five through one.

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And now for the list...

5. Applaud your Teacher of the Year

Raise the banners, sound the horns and put on your best Sunday dress. Our Teachers of the Year are here.In a beautiful ceremony hosted and put together by our wonderful friends at Lipscomb University, we crowned our 2013 Teachers of the Year. So who won??

4. Celebrate 12 Reward Schools in Nashville

12 Metro schools are newly named Tennessee Reward Schools for 2012-13! Reward Schools are those in the top 5% of schools in the state for performance and the 5% of schools in the state for progress.

3. What high school grading changes mean for you

Grading for learning helps students actually master the material they learn. Instead of just getting bad grades and moving on to the next lesson, students are given the chance to learn what they might not have understood the first time and try again. After all, grades should reflect actual student comprehension, and the goal is mastery of each standard.

2. Announcing new principals for 2013-14

There were some key leadership announcements last summer, bringing change to principals offices in more than 20 Metro schools. Parents wanted to know right away who would be in charge on August 1, making our posts about leadership changes the second most popular news stories on Children First in 2013.

1. Researchers find link between music and academic performance in Nashville

This baseline research is a positive early step, but it is not the end result. The report clearly shows that the more music classes a student takes, the better his chances of achieving. That means Music Makes Us must continue to grow and develop until it touches every student in every school. That can only happen with community support, which helped give birth to Music Makes Us in the first place.