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Data Spotlight: At Tusculum Elementary, “data is more than a number.”

A Tusculum team meeting takes a look at student data. Without knowing the students personally, data is far less valuable. At Tusculum Elementary, where 62% of students have Limited English Proficiency, their motto is “Data is more than a number.” While the data in the Data Warehouse is an excellent resource, it is a springboard for more data conversations where everyone learns more about their students and celebrates student growth successes.

“You really have to know our students to understand the data,” Lori Nix, Tusculum Elementary Literacy Coach. She shared a story about a student who came from a refugee camp in the second grade. The student left the second grade reading at level zero. At the end of third grade, the student still had limited English and was on level three. During fourth grade, the student made tremendous growth and finished the year with a recorded level of 24. Her success was celebrated, and the student left fourth grade “holding her head high and feeling good about herself,” said Nix.

The teachers at Tusculum Elementary are committed to helping every student regardless of their story experience success. They regularly hold data conversation meetings where both quantitative and qualitative data are discussed to answer the question, “How can we best support this child?”