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Hunters Lane tells its story of improvement to a national audience

Another Metro zoned high school telling it's turnaround story to the nation. Hunters Lane High School principals presented at the national Title I conference today on the remarkable changes that have helped that school raise its profile. Hunters Lane Assistant Principal April Snodgrass, Principal Sue Kessler and Academy Coach Brad Meyers at the National Title I Conference

Their presentation was called "Your Kids Are Our Kids Too: Reclaiming the American High School" and covered everything that's happened at Hunters Lane in the last several years:

Learn about an urban high school turnaround, as a school moved from "corrective action" to "good standing" status and reduced discipline issues by more than 70%. The whole school was redesigned so students are teamed by academies they select. In this school where 78% of the students live in poverty, the staff works to level the playing field for all students by supporting their needs in a variety of ways. Successful student engagement strategies will be highlighted, including the introduction of innovations such as "one lunch" for all students and "texting the principal." Developing accountability and using the continuous improvement process model will be discussed.

McGavock High School got a lot of attention for it's improvements last week, but it's good to remember that many of our other zoned high schools have similar stories.

Great work, Hunters Lane!