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All-Star teachers are transforming every classroom in Metro Schools

We’ve talked a lot about Education 2018: Excellence for Every Student, our plan to become the top performing urban school district in the country by 2018. Now, we will begin to see it working at the classroom level. We’ve just begun a massive project that will eventually transform every classroom in Metro Schools. This is major professional development for our teachers. And it couldn’t be any more important.

Parents and students may not notice a change right away, but over time they will see changes in how classrooms are run, lessons are taught and teachers interact with them.

We’re giving teachers the keys to personalized learning, which is the most important element of our strategic plan. This doesn’t mean 30 lesson plans for 30 students, but rather strategies for targeted instruction based on students’ individual needs and abilities. This is accomplished in part through integrating technology into the classroom at a level we’ve never had before.

We’re not concerned with just having technology. We have to use technology to enhance student learning and outcomes.

Watch Dr. Jesse Register welcome the All-Stars to Day 1 of training.


But it isn’t all about technology. We are remaking our classrooms by giving teachers the tools and know-how to:

  • Personalize instruction for every student
  • Get ongoing, relevant professional development
  • Get support in the move to Common Core and PARCC
  • Integrate online learning into classes
  • Share ideas and best practices with each other

Right now we’re at step one: train teacher leaders who can then help train more than 6,000 teachers. These 210 All Star Trainers will help their colleagues complete these online courses.

At the end of this month every teacher in the district will be enrolled in the training. And by July 31, every teacher will have mastered these concepts and already started uploading lessons to our new instructional management system.

It’s an exciting time! Years of hard work have led to this. Our plan for rapid and dramatic improvement is officially underway, with teachers at the front lines. Work like this will help us become the top performing urban school district in the United States by 2018.