Student songwriters make it into the Hall of Fame... sort of

What's that twang I hear coming from North Nashville? Oh, it's Creswell students writing songs with CMA for the Country Music Hall of Fame. School partner the Country Music Association set up a songwriting residency at IT Creswell Arts Magnet Middle Prep where students worked with teachers and a songwriter from CMA to create lyrics that a musician then set to music for our students. As if that weren't cool enough, all of their lyrics will be on display at the new Taylor Swift Education Center at the Hall of Fame.

And as if that weren't cool enough, two songs written by three Creswell students were selected to be displayed on MTA buses throughout the city!

Creswell principal Dr. Ted Murcray says, "We are proud of our students for their skill and their enthusiasm for music. We are proud of our teachers for their collaboration with the CMA, and we are happy to partner with such an amazing organization from our city."

Nice work!