Classic cars, hotrods & luxury sports cars invade H.G. Hill Middle Prep

What could bring Maserati, Ferrari, Citroen and a fleet of classic American cars to H.G. Hill Middle Prep? What else? Learning. Last Tuesday, H.G. Hill Middle Prep fifth graders held the kick-off event for their latest project: an Auto Show. The automotive display of more than a dozen antique and sports cars, coordinated by fifth grade teacher Pam Arnold, was the students’ first look at “The H.G. Hill 500” project, which will introduce the concept of how design affects function and performance.

The automobile is constantly being improved and redesigned to meet customer, safety, and performance requirements, so it made for an ideal way to expose the students to this part of science and technology. Community members and car lovers donated their time to share their passion for the automobile. Cars on display included a 1957 Bel Air, 1941 Chevy Truck, 1937 Roadmaster 4-door sedan, 1934 Ford, 1976 El Dorado convertible, and French Citroen.

At the other end of the vehicle design spectrum were luxury sportscars provided by Jonathan Bowman, President and Founder of Music City Dream Cars, who brought over an electric blue Lamborghini and a fire-engine red Ferrari! All of the participants enjoyed this opportunity to pique the interest of Hill’s fifth grade students. They also want to get young people involved in their passion for cars.

“We need young people to get excited about these old cars,” said John Richardson, one of the classic car enthusiasts. “They’ll be the ones we’ll depend on to continue to tell the stories of these classic hotrods.”

Jonathan Bowman, of Music City Dream Cars, was eager to be included in this show. He said, “We enjoy supporting students and the community. This is exciting for us to be a part of this. The students were great and asked fantastic questions!”

Next, students will learn about the science of design through a hands-on science program provided by Metro Schools. They will then take what they’ve learned about design and build their own model vehicles out of recycled materials. It all leads up to the “The H.G. Hill 500,” where their cars will compete in various categories, including style, functionality, and of course unique design.