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Adding classrooms and subtracting portables at A.Z. Kelley

"Peace out, portables!"--A.Z. Kelley students and faculty

Students and teachers at A.Z. Kelley Elementary School in Cane Ridge are saying "so long" to five portables and "hello" to twelve new permanent classrooms.

They cut the ribbon on a brand new wing this week. The school, with more than 700 students, has added two first grade classrooms, two art rooms, four Special Education classrooms, one pre-k classroom and three second grade classrooms.

Take a look:

Adding classroom space like this is a wonderful thing for students in crowded schools with lots of portables. It's possible thanks to hard work of the Board of Education, Metro Council and Mayor's Office, not to mention the planning and construction crews who actually build it.

Thanks to everyone who makes it possible for our students to have safe and comfortable learning environments!