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Student robots take over McGavock High School

Don't be afraid. The machines are on the move, but they aren't in control. Metro students are. The big VEX Robotics State Tournament is at McGavock tomorrow (Saturday, March 1 9am-5pm) and it features a whole slew of Metro teams including:

  • Bailey STEM Magnet Middle Prep
  • Rose Park Magnet Middle Prep
  • Antioch High School (two teams)
  • Overton High School (regional champs)
  • McGavock High School (two teams)

In all, 20 teams from Tennessee will compete for the title of VEX Robotics Tennessee Champion. The two biggest winners will go on to California for nationals.

McGavock's broadcasting students will be there to film the whole thing (hopefully BattleBots-style), so expect videos and maybe even live streaming. If that happens, we'll update this post to tell you where you can watch.

May the best machine win!