Intersession Diary: TED talks, tutoring, and parent learning

They didn't have to be at school today, but here they are. Students all over Nashville are taking advantage of the intersession programs at their schools and in the community. Here's a look at some of the programs making a difference for students today, March 20. Whew! What a day!

Today's big event was undeniably the TEDxNashvilleEd event where Metro high school students from the Academies of Nashville gave TED talks at TPAC's Polk Theater. The students have been working on their presentations for weeks, with the help of adult mentors, and drew a crowd of parents, educators, students, and TED talk enthusiasts.

The presentations were all about the innovative thoughts, ideas, and programs they've worked on to make their schools and communities better.

Take a look at the positive chatter they generated online:

Elsewhere in the district, parents came to class today to learn how to be effective partners in education. "Padres Comprometidos" is a program offered through a partnership with Conexión Américas where Latino parents are taught how to navigate the American education system and how  to get more involved in their schools. The goal is to develop Latino parent leaders, build the parent-school relationship, and improve academic performance.

Today was graduation for parents at Charlotte Park Elementary School. Take a look at these photos from @MNPSFamilies on Twitter:

MEANWHILE... Neely's Bend Middle School was one of many Metro schools giving students targeted intervention, tutoring, and academic enrichment in small groups. They did some good old fashioned studying and instruction, but they also did math relays, which engage both the mind and the body in academically-centered foot races.

How's that for creative?