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Metro Nashville scores “phenomenal” results on teacher survey

2014 TELL MNPS survey shows growth in all categories; research links satisfied teachers to increased student performance

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools teachers report increased community support, high professional standards and a curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards according to the recent TELL MNPS survey of district teachers.

Survey results improved year over year across the board, with more respondents agreeing, “Overall, my school is a good place to work and learn,” 83.7% agree this year up from 79.0% last year.

“We want to be the best place to work so we can recruit and retain great teachers,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register. “The TELL survey is such a valuable tool because it tells us what we need to do and where we need to focus to reach that goal. This year’s results confirm that we are making great progress."

Among the survey’s highest-rated queries:

  • Teachers are held to high professional standards for delivering instruction (94.5% of respondents agree in 2014 vs. 92.9% last year)
  • The school leadership facilitates using data to improve student learning (95.6% vs. 94.9%)
  • Teachers in this school use assessment data to inform their instruction (95.8% vs. 94.2%)
  • The curriculum taught in this school is aligned with Common Core Standards—up 3 percentage points to 93.3% from 90.3% last year.

Notably, Metro Schools educators report community support for schools is increasing and school conditions are improving.

  • Parents/guardians support teachers, contributing to their success with students: 73.0% agree, almost 7% more than last year (66.2%)
  • The community we serve is supportive of this school:  85.4% agree in 2014 v. 80.1% in 2013
  • Community members support teachers, contributing to their success with students: 83.2% agree vs. 79.1% in 2013
  • Teachers report improved student conduct with +6.1% agreeing, “Students at this school follow rules of conduct” (71.5% in 2014 v 65.4% in 2013)
  • The faculty work in a school environment that is safe, 92.5% agree v. 88.2% in 2013

Research has proven positive teaching conditions are essential to creating schools where teachers and administrators want to work and where students thrive. The TELL MNPS Survey provides data about school environments and whether educators are valued, trusted and have the time and ability to collaborate and improve instruction. Survey results are critical because:

  • Positive teaching and learning conditions have been tied to improved student achievement,
  • School conditions affect teacher retention, and
  • Survey results provide information to help the district and individual schools assess, celebrate and improve school environments.

The nonprofit New Teacher Center administers the survey on behalf of Metro Schools every other year in off years of the biennial TELL Tennessee Survey. This is the fourth iteration. This year, 79.17% of the district’s licensed educators responded compared to 83.41% last year.  NTC first conducted the survey in North Carolina in 2002 to assess statewide working conditions. It has gathered data from more than one million surveys with data reports to more than 26,000 schools. Metro Schools results are available online at