24 Metro teachers read hundreds of America's AP exams

Metro teachers sure do know their stuff. They spend all year working with students and honing their own skills and knowledge. Then during the summer many of them flex their expert muscles by working on student exams from across the country. In addition to the four International Baccalaureate examiners at Hillsboro High School, there are 24 Metro teachers working as Advanced Placement essay readers. Next month they will read and score hundreds of AP exam essays.

This is a pretty significant feat, as it marks them as experts in their subject areas. They reach this level by application and rigorous review, and it's a great opportunity for them to learn even more about their subjects and professions.

So remember, students. As you prepare for AP exams, there are experts right there in your schools who can help!


  • Brenda Royal, Hillsboro (teaching IB Environmental Science at Hillsboro)

Calculus AB/BC

  • Karen Boles, Hume-Fogg

Comparative Govt/Politics 

  • Brett Kmiec, Hume-Fogg

English Lang/Comp 

  • Chris Dowlen, MLK
  • Elizabeth Smith, Hume-Fogg

English Lit/Comp 

  • Patrice Norris, Hume-Fogg
  • Ryan Murphey, Maplewood
  • Naomi Jaynes, Pearl-Cohn (new)

Environmental Science 

  • Dr. Chand Desai, MLK

European History 

  • Dr. Sue Gilmore, MLK
  • Marty Robinson, Hume-Fogg

French Language/Culture 

  • Jane Weaver, MLK

German Language/Culture

  • Kurstin Bush, Hume-Fogg
  • Joan MacDonald, MLK

Human Geography 

  • Catherine Kelly, MLK
  • Glenn Phillips, East Nashville
  • Jacob Harper, Hillwood (new)

Mandarin Chinese

  • Ping Whittaker, MLK


  • Jennifer McKerley, MLK


  • Dr. Rita Davis, Hume-Fogg

Spanish Language

  • Sonia Ruiz, Overton

Spanish Literature 

  • Dr. Marina Carter, Hume-Fogg


  • Stella Himmelreich, MLK
  • Eric Gambill, Hume-Fogg

U.S. Govt/Politics 

  • Donn Sierra, McGavock

World History: 

  • Dr. Peri Chinoda, Hume-Fogg