Warner Elementary in East Nashville wins award for huge academic gains

Heads up, East Nashville. One of your local elementary schools has earned a big award from a group that helps parents explore their school choices.

The Educator Consumers Foundation gave its Value-Added Achievement Award to Warner Elementary School in a ceremony this morning. The Value-Added Achievement award is given to schools that show dramatic gains in student achievement. Just 18 schools in Tennessee receive the award. The Foundation says the winners are "among the most effective in Tennessee's nearly 1,400 elementary and middle schools. If every school in Tennessee were similarly effective, Tennessee would be an unrivaled national leader in education."

High praise! Way to go, Warner.

The school has made some pretty huge gains in achievement, earning all A's from the Tennessee Department of Education for value-added. Take a look (click for full size):

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.33.19 PM

Here's a bit more about the Education Consumers Foundation:

The Education Consumers Foundation is a consumer organization for parents, taxpayers, and their elected representatives. We independently gather and disseminate educational information of use to consumers via our website: www.education-consumers.org. Please visit our website to learn more about Tennessee's Value-Added Assessment System and to use our various tools and charts to view how schools in your area compare to one another.