Glencliff High School doubles its college-bound graduates in just one year

Success story? No. That's not a big enough phrase. How about "College-Bound Phenomenon" instead?

Glencliff High School celebrated Signing Day today, where college-bound seniors declared their college choices. It was fun, sure, but the real story is just how much bigger this year's class has grown since last year.

Last year, Glencliff had around 50 students with college acceptance letters. Today's ceremony included more than 100 student college commitments. That's right. Glencliff has more than doubled the number of college-bound seniors in just one year.

How did they do it? It took a lot of hard work from faculty, parents and community supporters. It took GEAR UP MNPSNashvilleAchievesOasis College Connection, the Tennessee College Access and Success Network and many other partners working to boost college access. And it took students committed to going to college above all else.

Let's all join in congratulating Glencliff students on this remarkable accomplishment. They are a great example of the high expectations permeating our Metro schools.

Watch The Tennessean's excellent video of the event.
Watch The Tennessean's excellent video of the event.

Watch the story from News Channel 5.