UPDATE: JT Moore loses the contest... but gets $20,000 anyway!

JT MooreCredit for this one goes solely to the parents and community. You really did it. JT Moore Middle Prep was locked in a weeks-long battle for votes with a school district in Michigan for a $25,000 prize from Bridgestone. It was a tight race all the way down to the wire, and they racked up hundreds of thousands of votes... but still couldn't pull out the win. Waterloo Playground in Monroe, MI, will get the $25,000 prize.

But! That's not the end of the story.

Bridgestone was so impressed by the out-pouring of supporting for JT Moore that the head honchoes at Bridgestone Fuel the Cause decided to give JT Moore a $20,000 consolation prize! It's all because of you and the votes you gave. Thank you.

That money will be used for a new greenhouse and playground on campus, so students will enjoy the fruits of your voting for years to come.

What a great story!

Here is the official word from JT Moore principal Dr. Gary Hughes:

Bridgestone today announced it will give J.T. Moore Middle School $20,000 as recognition of the school’s ongoing commitment to creating a healthy environment for students and the  surrounding  community. The school aims to renovate  its playground to encourage physical activity and build a greenhouse where students can learn nutritional values while growing and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables.

Bridgestone learned about J.T. Moore Middle School’s plans through the company’s Fuel the Cause contest, which was held online in April. While the school did not claim first place in the contest, Bridgestone was impressed with the passion of its students, faculty and surrounding community. The company elected to award J.T. Moore Middle School a $20,000 gift for environmental activities.

“As  the  world’s  largest  tire  and  rubber  company,  we  are  committed  to building a better environmental future — for our customers, our employees and the communities  in  which  we  operate,”  said  Erik  Seidel,  Vice  President  of  Brand Management, Bridgestone Americas. “We believe that it is only by working together as One Team, One Planet that we will achieve this goal. It is our privilege to support J.T. Moore as they work to instill healthy habits in their students and create a better environment for the local community to enjoy.”

Bridgestone conducted the Fuel the Cause contest as part of its annual Rethink Green campaign in April. Rethink Green highlights the Bridgestone Ecopia line of tires, which delivers low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency, as well as the company’s breadth of Eco-Products. The Eco-Product designation is used  to  identify  Bridgestone  products  that  feature environmentally-conscious materials, such as low-aromatic oil and recycled materials, and also are designed to help improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

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