Metro students must take a personal finance class and can now do it at Virtual School

by Ashley Heyen, Belmont University Student and Metro Schools Communications Intern Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.23.57 AMMetro Schools is preparing its high school students for their financial future and for the online world through the MNPS Virtual School’s personal finance course. The course, which is a Tennessee state graduation requirement, is normally taught in a traditional classroom, but starting this summer, it is also offered online.

The personal finance class instructs students on how to make both short term and long term financial goals. Students must weigh the options of higher education and career choices, looking into student loans and potential earnings from a variety of careers.

As they plan for their financial future, students must also take into consideration unavoidable financial needs. Students fill out tax forms, look into insurance and learn about good and bad credit scores. All the while, the hope is that students realize the importance of making wise choices with their money and eventually become fiscally responsible adults.

"Understanding financial management concepts is an important life skill,” said James Witty, MNPS Virtual School principal. “From credit to insurance to taxes, it is imperative that students understand the impact of real world choices. More and more, students are choosing to take this popular course online at MNPS Virtual School, Tennessee’s first and highest achieving public virtual school."

In addition to the personal finance requirement, Metro Schools requires high school students to take one class through the MNPS Virtual School. The goal for this requirement is to prepare students for the use of technology in both higher education and the workforce. Each course is taught by a v-teacher, who connects with their students using discussion-based assessments via some form of technology, such as text messages or email.

The personal finance class is just one of many being offered this summer through the MNPS Virtual School. Virtual School is now enrolling full- and part-time students for the fall semester. Students in grades 7-12 are welcome to enroll today!