Back to School: What’s new in the new year for schools?

Back to School Central - SmallSchool starts August 6! As always, the new year will bring some changes to Metro Schools. Below are some of the exciting changes happening in our schools, which include new leadership, buildings and digital textbooks. These lists could be updated before the first day of school, so come back to it every so often to check.

1. New Buildings

Two Metro middle schools will be starting classes this August in brand new buildings. Students at Joelton Middle and Rose Park Middle will return to school in the new buildings on August 6!

Goodlettsville Middle will be added to the list of new school buildings in the near future. Until then, students will go to the Dalewood Middle School campus for the 2014-2015 school year. To accommodate for the added travel time, school will begin at 9:15 a.m. and end at 4:15 p.m. Learn more on the Goodlettsville Middle Prep website.

2. New Principals

Several schools are under new leadership this next school year. Some principals have moved, others are totally new to Nashville and Metro Schools. You can see a complete list of leadership changes right here, and that list will be updated a few more times before school starts.

3. Digital Social Studies Textbooks

Metro Schools is beginning a gradual shift to digital textbooks this year. Social studies texts, which become outdated more quickly than others, will be online starting this school year. That makes them the first step in the gradual switch to more digital textbooks.

Metro Schools will make this transition slowly for the comfort of students, teachers and parents. Hard copy books will still be available in the classroom, but the digital textbooks will be the primary resource. Other resources will also be available online, which will help teachers move away from simply going through the textbook and more into hand on, project-based learning.


Visit Metro Schools Back to School Central for everything you need for the first day of school.