What you need to know for the first day of school – Part 2

Back to School Central - Small1. School supply lists are determined by schools, and they will give them to you soon.

Each school and its teachers determine the specific supplies needed each year. They will give you a supply list soon. That may be on the first day of school or it may be posted to the website before then. Here is a list of all schools with links to their websites.

We do have a general supply list for elementary school students. Keep in mind, this is only meant as a general listing of supplies for elementary students and should not be considered a final supply list. Schools will have other supply lists with items specific to their needs.


2. Dress codes are also a school-based decision, and they can answer questions about it.

To find your school's dress code, visit the school website or call the main office. Colors, types of acceptable shirts and pants and all other dress code decisions are made by principals. Here's a list of all schools with their contact information and website links.


3. The Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday is August 1-3.

Speaking of school supplies and clothes... Don't be in a huge rush to buy them just yet! The Sales Tax Holiday is August 1-3, 2014. During this period, sales tax in Tennessee will be waived for school supplies and clothes. Learn more on the Tennessee state website.


4. My child is on an optional school wait list. How can I find his or her status on the list?

You can visit our School Options website to check wait list status. If vacancies open up in the first five days of school, the Student Assignment Office will call you to offer you a spot. You will have 24 hours to decide to accept the placement. Please ensure we have your current phone number and address on file so we can contact you. You can also call the Customer Service Center at 259-INFO (4636) to check your wait list status.


5. We need your updated contact information. It's really, really, really important.

Over the summer when we mailed home report cards, we had thousands of them returned to us with incorrect addresses. If you have moved in the last year, please make sure your contact information is up to date at your school. They will ask for proof of residency, so bring one of these with you, dated within the last thirty days:

  • Current utility bill
  • Lease
  • Mortgage statement

If none of these are available, we may accept something like a paycheck stub, cell phone bill, credit card bill or mail from a government agency. But don’t be surprised if we ask for more than one of these so we can verify that this is an up to date address.

If you have moved to a different part of town and changed school clusters, you will need to enroll at one of our 12 Enrollment Centers.


6. If your child has required medication to take during the school day, fill out this form.

Take the completed Assisted Self-Administration of Medications form and the medication to your school's main office for processing. Medications must be in the original container.



Visit Metro Schools Back to School Central for everything you need for the first day of school.