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WINNERS: I Love My School contest

header_iloveschool cropped You guys really, really love your schools.

We asked you to tell us what you love most about your school, and you responded in huge numbers. More than 260 of you entered our little contest to show your love and win some shiny new electronics. All of the entries were impressive, touching and extremely gratifying. But four of them stood above the rest as clear favorites for our selection committee.

The winners are...

  • Holly Veach, parent of a student at Tulip Grove Elementary School
  • Renee Wohlfarth, parent of a student at Goodlettsville Elementary School
  • Lucas Yarnes, student at Rose Park Magnet Middle Prep
  • A'Nesha Fennessee, student at Antioch High School

These were chosen as the best, but there was a common theme running through nearly all of the entries: great teachers and caring staff.

Take a look at the winners:

The best part of Goodlettsville Elementary is the staff & the students. My Kindergartener is a special needs student. I was very hesitant to put her in the public school system because I remember how special needs students were treated when I was a student.

What we've seen at GES is completely different from that. Our day starts out with a bus ride to school. The bus driver and bus monitor have nicknamed the bus the Magic School Bus. My daughter looks forward to getting on "The Magic School Bus" everyday. She HATES missing the bus. Then at the school, she is treated with love and respect. Everyone knows my daughter. As she walks down the hallway with her aide to class, kids greet her with hive 5s and hellos. The teachers greet her by name and with high 5s.

The staff has been amazing. My daughter is THRIVING and LEARNING. When she blew through what we thought was a challenging IEP,  her teachers decided to make her work harder. And she has lived up to the challenge. When I've asked for resources to use at home, I've been provided with whatever information I need. I've also been able to sit in Mrs. Massey's room and observe what she does with my daughter. It's been a pleasure to work with the staff this year.

I'm also very impressed with the students. Instead of staring at my daughter, and making fun of her because she's different, they have befriended her and respected her. I spent yesterday at field day and watched my daughter's classmates help her modify the games so she could also participate. I'm so proud of my daughter's classmates and the rest of the students.

-- Renee Wohlfarth, parent at Goodlettsville Elementary School

My little ladies both attend tulip grove in hermitage. This will be Aniya's last year, she is a big fourth grader this year. My little one will be pre-K again this year. Both my ladies have autism. I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are for the accomplishments that they both have made. Aniya has had a hard bumpy road but no one ever gave up. All her teachers just keep pushing forward. When she started, she couldn't sit down and complete anything. Now, she brings home great grades and even sits and reads to other classrooms. I would have never been able to do the wonderful things that Metro Schools have done with these girls. When Lilea started in April of this year, she was my little quiet mouse. Now, she counts and says her abc's. I'm so very, very proud of them. Both girls have been working on iPads at school. I do appreciate everything Metro Schools has done for us, and look forward to spending many years to come with you guys. I love the school because you have opened many doors for my girls that have been closed all these years. I will never be able to thank you enough. Thank you Metro Schools.

-- Holly Veach, parent at Tulip Grove Elementary School

I am entering this contest not to win a prize but to show recognition to my teachers, principal, and counselors who helped push me through I think the hardest year of anyone's school years. They showed me to never give up no matter how hard the task, also to try new things in my career path. My teachers pushed me to better myself not only outside of school but in education. They showed me if I worked hard I could get very far, that it would be noticed, and I could potentially be praised for it. They showed me that even when I feel left out that I'm really not and they want to see you do your best. Antioch High School has showed me that I can amount to anything if I put my mind to it. This 2013-2014 school year has held many memories but I can say my up most favorite was near the end of the school year, not because school was almost over but because I was praised and appreciated for my progress over the school year (I was rewarded with Junior of the Year for my entire pathway). I was also given the privilege to be educated by Andrew Price for my English III honors class. He did not only got us ready for the future (college, work force, etc.), he taught us life lessons through literature and also showed he cared about our future by offering to help with college applications and ACT prep. Honestly, I wouldn't trade Antioch High School for any other school because they have really lived up to their mission statement from beginning to end.

-- A'nesha Fennessee, student at Antioch High School

My name is Lucas Yarnes and I’m a 6th Grader at Rose Park Middle Magnet School. Many great things have happened this year, and I would like to share them all. As a whole school, we have had so much fun through the rewards for good behavior, good test scores, and lots more.

My favorite memory about this school year would have to be the World Championship Robotics Competition in Anaheim, California. Our school has a robotics team that I was invited to join in on. It was great fun to be a part of it. The actual competition in California was an event that happened as a result of our robotics team’s good sportsmanship, our successful autonomous programming skills, our driving skills, and much more. The place where the competition was held was amazing. The dome was huge and was so spectacular; it’s hard to put into words. We had good alliance partners that were competitive, but easy to work with. We had a great time, and I’m glad we had the ability to make it there.

My favorite thing about my school, Rose Park Middle Magnet School, is that all of the teachers are understanding, caring, but at the same time, strict. They always enforce the rules, and are also fair about it. They always push us to improve our grades, to strive for greatness, because they know we can, but not over doing it by overloading us with work. Our teachers help us if we need it, but won’t cheat and give us answers we could find for ourselves. Lastly and most importantly, our teachers are always there for us.

The last thing I would like to share with you is why my school is my #1 choice. I have many reasons for this. My first and most important reason being the faculty and staff. The teachers here, as I have already stated, are amazing. They help us through tough times and can teach us so much. The teachers here specifically are really helpful. Another reason for Rose Park being my #1 choice is that the work here is very challenging. I know that sounds weird coming from a student, but the level of difficulty of the work is just enough to push you to continue to work hard and always give it 110%. The last reason for Rose Park being my #1 choice is because of the environment of the school. There is always a positive environment no matter where you go on campus. This makes it easier to work, and do well on it. This is a good thing to have at a school.

I hope after reading this essay, you will understand why I love my school so much. I’ve had a great year, and I can’t wait for next year.

--Lucas Yarnes, student at Rose Park Magnet Middle Prep