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We need every family in Metro Schools to fill out these forms. There's a lot of money at stake.


Tuesday, August 26 your child will bring home two forms. They must be filled out and returned by the next day, Wednesday, August 27.

What are they?

One form is called the Household Information Survey. It helps us know how many of our families are economically disadvantaged. The other is called the Student Information Form. It tells us who your child is, where you live and how to get in touch with you. Take a look at both of them right here:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.38.15 PM   Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.37.29 PM

The first form asks about my household income. Why do you need to know that?

There are two big reasons:

  1. Money - Without this information, your school could lose money. Certain kinds of federal and state money – including money used to buy technology – are partially dependent on the number of students who are economically disadvantaged. We need to know how many there are so our schools can get all of the resources they need.
  2. Accountability - We are required by the state to track the academic performance of economically disadvantaged students. Failure to complete this form could have an effect on your school’s accountability status.

That’s private. What if I don’t want to share it with you?

We completely understand the concern. But there are two really important things to know about your personal information:

  1. We will never share it with anyone. It will always stay private. We promise. Your answers are put together with everyone else’s and reported as a percentage, with no names or identifying information attached.
  2. We don’t want to know how much money you make. The form only asks a yes or no question about your income. We don’t want to know how much you make or even a range of income. We only want to know if it is above or below a certain number. 

I’ve never had to fill this out before. Why now?

We used to collect this information with the Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals. If you’ve never filled out that application, then you have probably never seen this form. Because we now offer free meals to every student without an application, we need a new method to keep track of our economically disadvantaged families. This is it.

What if I’m not economically disadvantaged or don’t want your free lunch? Do I still have to fill this out?

Yes. We need this form from everyone. It’s not a requirement to get free breakfast and lunch. Everyone gets that already. But we need you to fill out the form so we can get the funding we need to serve all students. If you don’t fill it out, we won’t know if you’re economically disadvantaged or not, and we do not want to miss even a single family.

I’ve also never filled out a student information form. Why do I have to now?

There are thousands of Metro families with out of date contact information in our system. Last summer, we mailed home 45,000 report cards. Nearly 10% were sent back to us with incorrect addresses. We clearly need a better way to keep this information up to date, and this is it. We need to be able to reach you if there is urgent news from your school, there is some sort of emergency, if school is closed due to weather or any number of good reasons.

How do I fill it out?

The form shows your child’s information as it is in our system right now, including address and phone number. Please hand write corrections directly on this form and return it to school by the next day (Wednesday, August 27). We will take your corrections and make them in our system. If there are not corrections, please write “NO CORRECTIONS” and send it back to school by the next day (Wednesday, August 27).

Is that it?

No. It isn’t.

Thank You

Thank you for helping us collect this very important information about you and your child. We want to give your school the best opportunity for success. With your help tonight, we can ensure our students get the funding and support they need.

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