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Refreshed Reading: Renovated TWIN Libraries at Apollo & DuPont Tyler Middle Preps

A Nashville Mayor helped to cut the ribbon on another two new refreshed libraries at Apollo Middle Preps in Antioch and Dupont Tyler Middle Prep in Hermitage. The libraries were renovated as part of  Mayor Karl Dean's Limitless Libraries program. A key feature of the new libraries' are new 2nd floor "Makerspaces" with 3D printers and video production studios.

The Limitless LIbraries program works to modernize both spaces, including the addition new technology such as iPad check-in stations, charging lockers, and a cyber café where students can eat in the library. "You know the library is a success when students are asking to LIVE in the library!' says Apollo Middle School Librarian, Alison Maliszewski.

Apollo 7th Grader Ben Rives, 11, showed Nashville's Mayor Karl Dean what he's created in the "makerspace" already. A Mario video game controlled by PlayDoh buttons. WATCH:


Ben was quick to clarify "I'm 11, not 12, in the 7th grade. I skipped kindergarden," which might explain how he was quick to teach himself how to use a "MakeyMakey" circuit board that turns keyboard control into anything you'd like it to be, including PlayDoh. Ben says this is the 4th project he's created with it and the library just opened!

While a corner of Apollo's library has a corner dedicated to teaching chess, the 3D printer at Tyler Middle Prep was finishing up making the last Queen on a chess set.


The library transformation is best described by one of the librarians themselves. Alison Maliszewski from Apollo Middle says...

This library is more than I ever could have dreamed.  Everything was designed purposefully so that this space can be flexible.  Most of the furniture is on wheels so rearranging for classes or  hosting events is a breeze.  Having three student production rooms for students to work on PBL (project based learning) is truly ideal and makes management of those projects so simple.  In addition to the new space and furniture, Limitless Libraries made sure we have the very best in technology.  We’ve already utilized our recording equipment upstairs to make a promotional video about Apollo, and students and teachers alike are SO excited to use this space!  We’ve not even been open a month, and already we have had Vanderbilt classes hosted here, Cluster Parent Advisory Committees meet here, student tutoring, classes, teacher trainings, and a book fair (which was housed in the classroom, making it possible for the library to continue to function fully while the book fair was going on).  I physically cannot say thank you enough to the amazing team of contractors, librarians, administrators, politicians, and benefactors that made this transformation a reality.

Nashville Mayor Karl dean also teased that money has just been allocated for two more schools to get newly refurbished libraries, this time at high schools. However he won't say just yet which schools they might be.


Apollo's Library before & after.

[slideshare id=39486577&doc=welcometoapollo-140924130618-phpapp02]

Here's what Apollo looks like today.

Here are a few more of what Apollo's library twin, Dupont Tyler looks like...