Touring the #MiddlePreps of Nashville: Issac Litton Middle Prep

#MiddlePrepsMetro Schools is inviting local leaders, business owners and community members to tour the Middle Preps of Nashville and see the great things happening in them. IMG_1776

The first tour was of Isaac Litton Middle School in East Nashville. This building is a true example of what investment in our schools and community involvement looks like.

"When I first started here, parents would be in the process of selling their homes as soon as their children were about to enter middle school," explains Tracy Bruno, Principal at Isaac Litton Middle. "This is no joke, I saw it first hand. Parents had great choices when it came to elementary school, but when their kids would leave 4th grade, they'd be putting their home up for sale and moving someplace else so their kids could attend another school."

One of the first things Mr. Bruno did when he started at Isaac Litton was to sit down with parents and ask them for help in changing the school culture at the same time the city invested $7 million to renovate the school. Today enrollment is growing and Mr. Bruno has some ambitious goals for the future, "Top 5 middle school, including magnets."  The physical changes are most evident in the library, where big windows let in light and automated shades help control the temperature.


The building was also brought up to LEED certification, making it a "green" school for it's use of LED & CFL bulbs along with automatic toilets and sinks.


The tour went through several active classrooms, showing them how students work in groups and independently. Students can often be found on laptops and iPad's doing research in class. The digital tools are the cornerstones of all upgrades to Metro Schools. New technology is being added everyday from investments made from our generous community and our technology partners.

Outside, the learning continues where Ms. Buonviri's 8th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) class was launching rockets! Students built each rocket, then timed their hang time and distance traveled. Who WOULDN'T want to learn this way?

DSC_3811 The highlight of the tour were the blue blazer-wearing  "ambassadors" who greeted everyone and led the tour groups around their school. There are 215 ambassadors now trained, just like their high school academy counterparts. It's hoped that these leadership skills will carry them through to high school where they can apply to be ambassadors for their new school.

The warm welcome impressed the visitors. There were more comments about just the poised and professional Isaac Litton ambassadors than anything else.

Their Principal is proud of this school and says his mission is simplified with the message he ends each daily announcement with. "You are loved."