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More money going to Harris-Hillman arts festival for students with special needs

It's one of the greatest and most inspiring events in all of Metro Schools, and it just got a big financial boost. The Harris-Hillman Ability Arts Festival has won a $3,000 grant from the state. The Arts Festival offers interactive mural painting, music and workstations all over the school for students of all abilities to get hands-on in creating art. Last year, guest artist Dwayne Szot from Wisconsin used a special roller rig to attach to students’ wheelchairs. Together they made a giant mural of colorful shapes.

Guest artist Dwayne Szot used giant paint rollers attached to wheelchairs to let students make a massive mural on the gym floor.

Outside, students were using similar rigs with sidewalk chalk to decorate the school driveway.

This special chalk rig helped students in wheelchairs create a giant art project in the school driveway.

This year's festival is set between April 14th-16th, 2015.

Harris-Hillman School serves students with multiple disabilities. Teachers and staff at Harris-Hillman focus on sensory stimulation, gross and fine motor development, acquisition of self help skills, communication training, socialization, basic academics and prevocational skill development.