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Antioch Middle Prep Makeover: Expanding again with new upgrades

DSC_4303Antioch Middle Prep is built around the oldest construction in Metro Schools. The first brick was laid at then Antioch High School in 1948 when Truman was just re-elected President and South Nashville was a mostly farm lands. Additions were added many times, but each time it was to handle the needs of this quickly growing community to the south.

DSC_4323 DSC_4310

Today, the building has been transformed for the 21st century, with more space, a refreshed look, greater accessibility and even green certification. Safety has also been a  major focus of the remodel, with revised parking and a separate bus lane. The old front entrance and back door have switched places to the school entrance is no longer right on Blue Hole Road, which helps traffic flow.


The changes are apparent when you step inside the grand new entranceway, which is now in the back of the building with an improved drop off zone.


There are also expanded administration offices & a new secure waiting area as well.


There are plenty of upgrades that you can’t see inside the walls, including new electrical, heating, air conditioning, & new plumbing. Most students may notice the biggest change of all: the cafeteria. The kitchen has been tripled in size and expanded to 4 serving lines. More students can now get served in less time, allowing them more time to eat.


Antioch Middle Prep is now set to serve this growing community for many more decades to come.