Joelton Middle Prep Makeover: The gym floor is on the ceiling


Joelton Middle Prep has a new lease on life after more than six decades of use. The school has new plumbing, wiring, heating, air conditioning, windows, a new kitchen, a new locker room, a new administration area, an expanded classroom wing, and even new floors and ceilings.


Of special interest to former Joelton High alums is the ceiling in the school’s new entry. Can you see it? Look closer.


The ceiling is constructed from the reclaimed wood flooring of the old high school gymnasium.


Classrooms are also much brighter with copious amounts of natural light.


 While the building was expanded to over 82,000 square feet, the old construction was modernized as well. "The older part of building looks as good as the new construction." says Principal Bill Moody. "Alumni are really impressed with the results."


This Joelton building has been an integral part of the community for the past 60 years as both a high school and a middle school and with this renovation will continue its service to students for many decades to come.