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Norman Binkley Elementary reborn for the 21st century

Norman Binkley was first opened in 1960, but even then the school was not big enough to handle the demand. Two additions were added in 1961, 1963 and 2006 - and even that didn't meet the growing demand of South Nashville. Now Norman Binkley Elementary has been expanded once again. Say goodbye to the portables, because Norman Binkley has been REBORN for the 21st century with a $6.5 million dollar remodeling project.

First up, the beautiful new entrance with a very practical purpose.


The greatest safety feature starts here, where Principal James Urquhart says visitors now have to be buzzed into the building though a second set of doors, where before there was only one. There is also a new waiting area.


The administration offices have been remodeled to allow more room for staff, counseling and a nurses office.


The library is the most breathtaking with an expansive technology center...


...large check out station for the librarian...


...and this HUGE viewing area. All the bookshelves are on wheels, allowing them to be easily moved out of the way to allow larger assemblies inside the library for traveling shows and presentations.


One of the biggest improvements adds an entire wing for the 4th grade. Before this expansion, four 4th grade classrooms, art, and music were all housed in portables. Now they are all under one roof! This added space has also allowed for a pre-K expansion at Norman Binkley.


The art room is expansive with high ceilings.


Music students don't have to brave the weather to go to go to class and also have benefited from having all of their instruments in one room.


Some of the most expensive improvements are hard to spot. The heating, air conditioning, electrical wiring, roofing and plumbing were all redone. Even the bathrooms are all new!


Thanks to the great work of our construction team, this building is beyond “green” energy efficiency. It is built for LEED “SILVER” certificationThis building is now a beautiful, functional place for South Nashville students to learn and grow together.