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TOUR: Rose Park Middle Prep's amazing transformation fifty years in the making

Rose Park Middle Prep was built in 1965, but other than minor security and handicap accessibility upgrades, the building has remained much the same since the day it first opened. Fifty years later, this building has been completely remodeled and is BEYOND today’s current standards for safety, accessibility and green certification. Now the hallways are as bright as the students and staff after winning SO MANY AWARDS. IMG_0014

One of the first things you notice when you walk into Rose Park is the massive 45 foot mural over the entranceway. This has been here since 2003 when it was commissioned from a local artist. They are of actual Rose Park students interacting with Ben Franklin, George Washington Carver, Jane Goodall, Albert Einstein and other notable scientists. During the renovation, Principal Robert Blankenship said one section started to fall down and they feared it would be lost. So they called in the original artist who showed how to reattach the work. Luckily, the work was painted on canvas and not the wall, so it could easily be reattached and saved from destruction.


Thanks to a generous donation from local community supporters, the auditorium has new seating and a new sound system. New stage lighting will also be installed, just in time for the school's first stage production in the refreshed auditorium this holiday season.


The gym received new bleachers, paint and a refinished floor. I think the Rose Park Titans will be PROUD to call this home! WOW!

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The library is now beautiful and functional with a new digital learning center and cafe where students can eat in the library.


The library is open to students any time during the day, and we're told many of them "live" there. It's easy to see why: it's an attractive place to hang out with a few comforts that students may not even have at home - like these very popular bungee cord chairs.


One thing you might not notice with the lights on, is that you can't turn some of them off! That's because they are solar powered. Even at night they glow from getting charged in the daytime. It's no wonder this building is BEYONDGREEN” and has received LEED “SILVER” certification!


And if you're in the Rose Park library, don't forget to stop by and say hi to their mascot "Pippin" the bearded dragon.


The only building addition to Rose Park Middle is the new freezer, allowing for better service at breakfast and lunch.


This school did not only NEED these upgrades, the students & faculty here have earned it, having won so many state & national awards for excellence. It truly is well deserved!