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Academies of Nashville, Dr. Jay Steele Honored as National Leaders

The Academies of Nashville are once again being held up as a national model for high school redesign, so much so that the district leader in charge of them is now president of the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC). Officials from NCAC have presented the district with the “Model City Award” for institutional strength in the community. Metro Schools is the first district in the nation to win this prestigious award. The award was given during the NCAC’s 18th Annual Career Academy Awards Celebration last weekend, following their weeklong conference in Washington, D.C. The event honored exemplary businesses, partnerships, educators and alumni. Membership is made up of major career academy networks, including Nashville and Philadelphia, plus other state organizations and business partnerships like Ford’s Next Generation Learning program, which honored Metro Schools as a “national model community” just this past April.

NCAC Award


NCAC also selected Metro School’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jay Steele, as their incoming president for his leadership of the Academies of Nashville. “This is a direct result of the community-led redesign of our city's high schools,” says Dr. Steele, “Nashville has become the national model for high school redesign and I am proud of the work we have accomplished together. Being president of NCAC will bring more attention to Nashville and Metro Schools and give us more opportunities to showcase our teachers, leaders and students.”

“When the community is engaged like the community is in Nashville, more kids end up benefitting because the model becomes sustainable,” says Stephen T. Casa, Executive Director of the National Career Academy Coalition.

The Academies of Nashville was also honored for it’s five newest programs to receive model status from NCAC.